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What we do

Trillion helps jewelry brands bring online shopping experience and communication with customers to the next level.

The Trillion virtual try-on solution allows a customer to get an accurate idea of the chosen jewelry piece and try it on in augmented reality mode using any device.

Our mission is to empower jewelry brands and jewelry lovers with AR tools for online shopping to make it as realistic as in real life.

How it all started

The idea of Trillion was born in the end of 2020, when the global online shopping trend, which has strengthened during the pandemic, raised new customer expectations towards online experience and remote service.

In a situation of high online demand, almost all jewelry brands and retailers were unable to provide a high-quality and conversional online experience to their customers.

At February 2021 we started developing the Trillion virtual try-on.

Our products and services

Trillion creates universal SDK/White Label solutions, which allow the integration of AR-powered try-on tools into the online infrastructure of any jewelry brand.

At the moment we provide the folllowing solutions:

  • Virtual try-on web SDK.
  • White label virtual try-on app development.
  • Shopify virtual try-on plugin.
  • Enabling virtual try-on through the integration into the Trillion app.
Team members
Trillion Technology LLC
Legal name
UK, Georgia, Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai
Geography of team members
Year founded
Funding stage
Key personalities
Sergey Paskhalov Chief Technical Officer
SERGEY Paskhalov
Chief Technical Officer
Technical leader with 14+ years demonstrated history of working in IT, including 7 years of experience in building and managing AR/VR projects. Created products for global brands like IKEA, IBM, SAP, Jim Beam, Mercedes-Benz, Dixy Group, which gained recognition both by users (2+ mln installs of Dixy's "Look, Dinosaurs!" app) and industry awards (Jim Beam VR Experience won the Tagline Awards as the best DOOH project).
I believe we are on the verge of the Next Big Thing. We moving toward the era of artificial intelligence and internet of things, in the near future wearable electronics, such as AR glasses and AR contact lenses, will substitute mobile phones. Projects like Trillion will enter the life of each of us. We strive to create a project that will change people's perception of what the jewelry industry can be.”
Russell Liverman Chief Executive Officer
Russell Liverman
Chief Executive Officer

Senior executive with 10+ years of experience in launching and bootstraping projects across a wide number of verticals — fintech, artificial intelligence, augmented reality to name a few.

Commercially minded, focused on growing revenues and driving new business initiatives.

Undoubtedly, we will travel to other planets and stars, discover lots of new worlds, create fantastic technologies and culture. But before that, we will practice in the metaverse and augmented reality.”
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Photos of virtual try-on
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Hero image
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Hero Image
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Videos of virtual try-on
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Videos of 360 degrees view
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